Imperfect Disciples

Mar 6, 2022    Minister Raymond Archibeque

This series helps us see the many ways the disciples were like you and me: imperfect. Throughout the Gospels, we see them misunderstand Jesus, vie for power and position, doubt, fear, and fail in many other ways. And yet Jesus uses these disciples to spread his message and build his church. This is great news for us, because Jesus isn’t done using imperfect disciples! Even though we fail, he can still use us to spread his message and build his church today.

When we look at the four Gospels, we generally think of Christ’s journey to the cross and the salvation message. However, the gospel also serves a second purpose: it shows us that God can and does use imperfect people to advance God’s Word and build his kingdom. When we trust God to use us in our imperfection, we allow Him the space to develop our physical and spiritual gifts over time.